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Tea Tonic Blue Magic Tea Teabags - box of 20

Tea Tonic Blue Magic Tea Teabags - box of 20


Give your body the nutrients it needs with Tea Tonic Blue Magic Tea! Each of the 20 tea bags is individually wrapped, ensuring maximum freshness and flavor every time you brew a cup.

Containing 3% of your recommended daily intake of iron, adding a spritz of lemon can give you even higher absorption. There's no better way to stay healthy and energized, so why not make Tea Tonic a part of your regular routine?

  • Naturally Blue, Add lemon to change to purple
  • Natures Natural aphrodisiac 
  • Enjoy the afterglow 


Enjoy the benefits of this delicious, low-calorie beverage. Tea Tonic is guaranteed to be an irresistible treat for all tea lovers who care about their health.


Box contains 20 individually wrapped unbleached teabags.

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