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White Fox Massage was founded by Ellie Hofland in 2016, starting out from her home, the business has flourished into its beautiful home within Lawson Village, in the World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains.

Ellie Hofland
Clinic Director, Remedial & Pregnancy Massage Specialist, Community Nurturer 


Ellie is a proud member of the Blue Mountains community having grown up, married and settled in the mid-Mountains. She is an empathetic, professional and dedicated massage therapist who tailors each treatment to the needs of her clients. Ellie has completed a Diploma of Remedial Massage, is a specialist qualified Practitioner of Pregnancy Massage and has completed numerous courses in massage and beauty therapies.


Ellie was recently recognised for excellence in her field when named the Winner of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2020, and as a finalist in both the 2019 & 2018 Women with Altitude Awards (for Young Entrepreneur and Business Excellence) and in the Blue Mountains Regional Business Awards.


Massage is clearly in Ellie’s blood as her Mother was a massage therapist, and Ellie recalls giving her mother massages from the age of four - and has the photos of a young practitioner in the making!  


Ellie is passionate about helping those in pain, providing massage and treatments that are pain relieving, reviving and grounding. Her love of wellbeing sees her create works of art within her treatments - combining remedial massage techniques to relieve pain, and those delightful relaxation techniques to balance out a great massage.


She has a love for all things natural and effective, and loves to live a healthy, fun and creative lifestyle. Her self-care regime includes massage, acupuncture, osteopathy, facials, breakfast with friends once a month, a weekly 90min bath, and getting her notes done before home time!

Jenny O'Loughlin
Clinic Manager & Merchandising Queen


Jenny has always had a great passion for natural therapies. She has completed a Batchelor in health Science in Acupuncture and Naturopathy, as well a a Diploma of Remedial Massage. Her experience is invaluable to us - she even worked at IVF Australia so her knowledge is extensive.

Jenny is passionate about women’s and children’s health. She has been raising her family in the Blue Mountains and is involved in the local community - you probably know her already! 

Her smile brings warmth to our clinic - stop by to say hello and have your questions answered - or just take a seat with a tea and a chat with Jenny.

Larysa Ryzak

Senior Remedial Massage Therapist, Lover of Hiking & Yoga


Hello! My name is Larysa and I am the Senior Massage Therapist at White Fox Massage. Born and raised in the Blue Mountains on Dharug and Gundungurra land. I have always been passionate about health and the body - my Mama introduced me to yoga when I was 14 years old - my Babcia in Poland always had an abundance of herbs, tinctures and therapeutic tea.


To me, there’s always been a connection with the body and nature. As a result of finding myself in Massage Therapy, I’ve also been on many health battles - most recently a diagnosis and laparoscopic excision surgery for endometriosis. 

I started my massage journey in 2013 at Katoomba TAFE and specialise in Remedial Massage, Swedish massage, aromatherapy, pregnancy massage (am an accredited practitioner with Pregnancy Australia) hot stone massage and lymphatic massage. 
My approach to massage is trauma informed. I have worked at the Blue Mountains Women’s Health and Resource Centre in Katoomba and that experience gave me a deeper respect for the human body. We are all a vessel having a human experience. Our life, journey, trauma experienced, pain, joy, past, present and future has all shaped and moulded is in some way or form. And the body keeps a score. 

My aim is to guide you to a more free and able body. To develop a connection and awareness. My massage treatments continue to evolve with time as I continue to learn, educate myself and adapt. 
When I am not massaging, you can find me in a sunny spot, hiking the many trails in the Blue Mountains, cooking, having a coffee and reading a book. I also love to bounce around ideas and knowledge on health, nutrition and nature. 

I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your wellness journey! 

Gigi Levins-Skehill

Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Goddess

WFM Team.png

Gigi is a Blue Mountains local returning to the area after massaging and adventuring in the Northern Rivers and France. Gigi is passionate about all aspects of wellbeing. As a massage therapist, yoga teacher and student of counselling and psychology, she is particularly inspired to create a calming experience for the nervous system. After returning from her travels, she is eager to be part of the White Fox team and foster moments of relaxation and wellbeing for her community. Gigi is very nurturing - with a wisdom beyond her years!

Erin Willson

Remedial Massage Therapist, Naturopath, Facial Extrordinaire 


Erin is a vivacious and passionate Naturopath and Educator.

Her journey started young as she was healed by a Chiropractor who practiced a unique technique that also included nutritional and herbal support, and an avid interest in the emotional self. She was sold. Erin wanted to be able to be able to heal others with the same care and empathy.

Being exposed to the world and language of self development from the age of 16, Erin considers personal empowerment, assertive communication, accountability and integrity as paramount in her practice. Her drive and persistence to saturate herself in learning has lead her on a fantastic educational journey over the last few years.

Lecturing in a range of subjects such as Iridology, Herbal medicine, Naturopathic philosophy and Communication, Erin has a thirst for knowledge and loves to learn from her students and patients alike.

An avid interest in the arts has also lead Erin to combine her two loves; Natural Medicine and performance. She dabbles in the poetry scene and even has written on subject matter such as being a herb nerd. Writing articles and launching a Hot herb podcasts is her next venture, Erin brings with her a wealth of knowledge and energy.

Erin partakes in an active and healthy lifestyle, and considers herself a bit of an adventure junkie. Including but not exclusive to, mountain biking, surfing, yoga, hiking and the like, all in an attempt to satisfy her thirst for the nature and the outdoors. She considers this imperative to maintaining a balanced lifestyle and encourages her patients to ‘do what they love every day’.

Professionally Erin offers a patient centered focus in clinical practice as opposed to symptom focused. She strongly subscribes and believes in the healing power of nature and employs the 6 core Naturopathic Principals as her primary ethos. She believed in treating the person as a whole entity and approaches her treatment accordingly.

She adopts a multi-disciplanary approach to health, with a strong emphasis on the emotional wellbeing of her patients. Bush and Bach flower therapy being a means of delivering this wholistic support.

Erin can assist you in the following areas:
Acute and Chronic health complaints
Stress/Anxiety/Emotional Wellbeing
Gastrointestinal Health
Reproductive Health
Preconception, Pregnancy, labour and lactation support programs

Erin seeks to specialise in children’s health over the coming years. She adopts an enthusiastic and personable approach to dealing with kids, with a successful work history in the child care industry. Erin loves to relate to those whose health requires more support now in an effort to prevent more complicated health concerns in adult life.

She strongly believes in educating her patients and ensuring they understand their vital role in achieving optimal health. This can be achieved by simple adjustments of habits that can hinder our bodies’ ability to function at its best. Treatments are tailor made to individual needs, as are herbal tonics that work on supporting organ systems and strengthen areas that require a little extra attention. Erin uses the healing power of nature’s gift of herbs as a cornerstone in every treatment plan.

Erin’s sheer passion and enthusiasm for health is apparent in her will and drives to not only make a difference in your life, but on a wider scale too. Her vision is for a world that abides by the laws of nature and healing and encourages her patients to also embark on their own journey to remarkable health.

Madeline Bannister

Receptionist, Health Coach, Nutrition Guru


Madeline has enjoyed a long career in the health and fitness industries. First a Fitness Instructor and Health Coach, then supporting local retailers such as GoVita and Ikou in and around parenting and nurturing her family. This clever fox is currently studying Dietetics and Nutritional Medicine. A self-confessed seeker of truth, this science lover appreciates evidenced-based natural therapies.


Maddie loves to share her knowledge with others to help them live healthier, more conscious lives. She is delighted to join the White Fox team, which shares similar values on all things ethical and wellbeing related. 

How can Madeline help you: Matching you with the best practitioner and service based on your current needs, making you feel relaxed and at ease, warm and welcomed the moment you walk in the door, determining differences in features and benefits on a variety of similar products stocked in our store, suggesting the best chemical-free "swaps" for your health, and Essential oils and skin care advice.

Ian Jones

Massage Therspist, Soul Nurturer

WFM Team (1).png

My name is Ian Jones.
I am married to my true-love Renelle, and together we are raising our three incredible children: Autumn, Bear and Valor-Leon. We love to dance daily, eat great food as often as we can, and road-trip regularly.

Over my lifetime, I have suffered through many years of debilitating pain. It used to be difficult for me to talk about, but in this era, chronic pain has become commonplace, so it feels a lot easier to share not just the pain of experience but the hope for healing. I can say with great confidence: the suffering that used to define my days is now just a distant memory. I have never been healthier, happier, nor more capable than I am now. There is hope for everyone, I am living proof.

I believe as we give, we receive. Many years ago, to continue to grow and heal myself, I began to explore the art of healing and connection to help others grow and heal. I have now massaged hundreds of people: honoured elders, infants and every age in between, those in a season of recovery, those in time of preparation, those who have suffered abuse, and even those who have hurt others. I am blessed and healed by every massage I give, and I am honoured to help anyone breathe a little easier and gain a little healing.

My technique has been inspired by nature’s rhythms, wild cultures and ancient wisdom from around the world. I do not claim to be a master of anything, I would, however, stake my claim as a student of everything. I have never given the same massage twice, I move through intuition and communication to give a unique healing experience, listening to the body, the soul in my care, and the response of my hands and heart. There is a kind of magic that is very real, it inspires our imaginations, our story-telling. It is born from a desire for good, from pure hearts and healing connections; from harmony, unity, trust and forgiveness. Healing is not a destination nor is it an event, it is a path we all walk together one step at a time, so let’s all make it as beautiful as possible, right?

As well as caring for her clients, Ellie is also passionate about helping people and animals in the greater community. She volunteers and supports a variety of charities including: Christmas Smiles, the Rural Fire Service and Sydney Fox Rescue. We love to support Local community groups such as schools and organisations that benefit young people. 

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