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Lük Beautifood Nudes & Neutrals 7 Shade Tasting Plate

Lük Beautifood Nudes & Neutrals 7 Shade Tasting Plate

Sample the complete menu of natural lipstick by ordering both the ‘Nude & Neutral’ shades as well as the ‘Mouthwatering Colour’ Tasting Plates. Each plates contains 7 pieces hand cut from the lipstick bullet for $5 each.


Experience the different hues, natural fragrances and fresh tastes individually to find your favourites.


Experiment with the varying pigment levels, from barely there to buildable coverage, applying products lightly at first and then layering for more intense colour. You can also combine colours to create a bespoke shade that works perfectly for you - try shimmers over neutrals, blend pinks with taupes, or marry a soft peach with a classic red.


Play with the Lip Nourish™ palette in the comfort of your own bathroom, trying out a different shade each day.


Beautiful, healthy lips have never been easier or more enjoyable.


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