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Lively Living Move Diffuser Black

Lively Living Move Diffuser Black


We spend an increasing amount of time in our vehicles, so why not ‘move’ with your aroma diffuser!  We are proud to bring you this clever diffuser, perfect for use in your car and home!

The Aroma-Move is cleverly designed to travel safely in most cup holders, and features and easy to use ‘twist-lock’ lid. Included in the box, is a 12v car power cord and an additional power cord for your home, making this one of the most versatile diffusers available.



Comes with two power cords.
1)  One cord to fit  into your vehicle
2) Standard power adapter for home/office use 12W
Unique ‘twist lock lid’ for easy and safe  travels
Auto switch off on low water level
Product size 67.5mm x 151.5mm
Two colour choices:  white with a grey band. Black with black band.



4 in 1 multi functions
Operates up to 3+ hours on high/continuous
Operates up to 12 hrs on low mist/intermittent
60ml Water Capacity
Uses Ultrasonic Cool Mist technology - no heat!


Why we love it

Versatile compact diffuser, cleverly designed to fit into most cup holders in a car.
Although was designed predominantly for a car, the Aroma-Move also comes with a second standard cord to plug into the wall and use  in your home or office.
if you love diffusing essential oils at home, you will love diffusing essential oils in the car with your Aroma-Move Diffuser

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