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Gaia Uncovered - Renew Night Balm

Gaia Uncovered - Renew Night Balm

Gaia Uncovered Renew Night Balm

Product description

Renew Night Balm is infused with whole plants, which may improve the signs of ageing & rejuvenate the skin. 


Contains Bakuchiol, a natural alternative to synthetic Vitamin A (Retinol). Research shows Bakuchiol is as effective as Retinol at stimulating cell turn over, smoothing fine lines, helping with pigmentation, skin elasticity & firmness.  

Bakuchiol is a great topical application for acne prone skin. It can reduce inflammation & scarring.

Designed to be applied at night due to its richer nature.However, you may apply use during the day. It goes on rich & may take a few minutes to absorb.



Triple purified Grass-fed tallow. 

Emu Oil is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants

Squalane (from olives). 


Vitamin E (soy free sourced from organic sun flowers) 


Organic extract infusions of Australian Sandalwood, Reishi & Rose. Improves the signs of ageing, softens & refines the skin, improves collagen production & fights free radical damage.

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